Best jacket styling tips to complete your look

Sports clothing come in quite a few shades of black, grey, red, brown, tan, light blue, and more. Once you have picked your choice of color and style, the next step is determining how to team it up with the rest of you look.

While the best jacket can be worn easily with practically everything, it all boils down to your personal style and how you like to wear it. Some of the best jackets can be worn with a white shirt, tie, trousers, roll neck jumpers, and with casual trousers. Here are some of the best jacket styling tips to watch out for.

  • If it’s a work-dinner then you must dress smart, wear a plain fit shirt which you would wear with a suit. If it is a patterned shirt, pair it with block colors to suit the rest of the outfit. The best jacket is the one which you can contrast with dark trousers. Instead of going after matching styles, buy the kind of jacket that contrasts with your outfit to give your ensemble a sophisticated feel.
  • For a preppy look, wear a jumper over your shirt. Sports jackets are meant for layers of clothes below it. They need to be loose so you don’t look bulky. Tucking your shirt in and wearing your best jacket over it would give you a sharp yet playful look.
  • For casual occasions like dinner with friends, a trip to the pub, etc., wear a t-shirt or roll-neck jumper under the best jacket that you own. Wearing a t-shirt with a blazer is tricky but with a sports jacket it is super easy. However, going completely casual will end up making you look scruffy. Make the look more stylish with loafers or brogues.
  • According to many experts, the best jacket look is the one when you wear these with jeans. While many believe that it is best you wear a jacket with a pair of stiff suit trousers, you can easily team it up with your favorite jeans. This will create a smart yet casual look. You must however, ensure that your jeans are not scruffy looking. Wear slim or regular fit jeans which will create a slim silhouette. Choose dark colored jeans as these are a more sophisticated choice and are good at hiding food stains. Avoid wearing your best jacket with ripped jeans or those that are faded and frayed. You can go in for a classic look instead by wearing jeans that look tailored and compliments your jacket.
  • As far as the fabric of the jacket goes, keep it casual. You can try something like corduroy. Apart from the type of fabric, you can play with colors, patterns like browns or plaid.

It is a fact that the term jacket is loosely associated with a sports coat or a blazer, it is, however, necessary that we know the basic difference between the two. While blazers are reserved for a smart look, sports jackets are worn with casual outfits. Suit jackets on the other hand, are the epitome of formality. Sports jackets require the wearer to layer up underneath. The rugged look of the sports jacket makes it inappropriate for an out and out formal occasion.