Common signs and symptoms of mouth cancer you shouldn’t miss

Mouth cancer is usually identified with all types of cancers that occur in the tongue, lips, gums, cheeks, and throat. It is also a type of head and neck cancer. Like other cancers, it becomes difficult to treat when the diagnosis is delayed, and the cancerous cells spread in the body. According to the study done by an oral cancer foundation, around 20% of the people who have mouth cancer die every year. Mouth cancer can affect anyone, and that makes it important to know about all the possible warning signs and symptoms of mouth cancer in women as it can help people get it treated at the earliest.

For the better understanding of early warning signs, here is a list of signs and symptoms of oral/mouth cancer in women.

  • Ulcers and mouth sores
    The occurrence of ulcers and mouth sores is common in those who have mouth cancer. Mouth sores can be abnormal in most people. They can appear around the lips, inside the cheeks, gums, and throat. They can be small or large in size. It is important to pay attention to the time these sores take to heal. If their healing time is unreasonably long, then it can be a serious issue and should be given medical attention. When there are such occurrences in the mouth with no sign of healing, a doctor’s appointment should be scheduled.
  • Patches in the throat or mouth
    There are two types of patches, red and white, that can occur in the mouth and throat area. These patches can be due to a fungal infection or mouth cancer. In case there is an uncertainty about the cause of these patches, it is advised that one pays their doctor a visit. These patches are the early signs and symptoms of mouth cancer in women and hence it needs to be treated as soon as possible.
  • Sore throat
    There are several causes of a sore throat, and it is also a symptom of several illnesses that are not dangerous or serious; however, if a sore throat is persistent, then it can be an issue. If there is a persistent difficulty in swallowing anything, that can also be because of a sore throat. If you find that a sore throat is worsening by every passing day, then ut it time to consult a doctor about the same.
  • Halitosis
    Halitosis can be mistaken for bad breath. There are multiple causes of bad breath, but halitosis is different from bad breath. It is a foul odor in the mouth which occurs due to unhygienic oral health. This is one of the most important signs and symptoms of mouth cancer that shouldn’t be avoided. Unlike bad breath, halitosis cannot be curbed by breath mints, brushing, or mouthwash. That is when one should take this issue to a medical professional to know its severity.

Identifying the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer in women is imperative. If one is unable to identify, pictures of the signs and symptoms on the web can help. Getting a medical check-up for the same is highly advised as well.