Consume Greek yogurt daily for a healthy living

Yogurt is a common product in one’s shopping cart while visiting the supermarket. It is both nutritious and healthy and often is a part of the daily meal of people who are health conscious or are trying to reduce body weight. Greek yogurts are considered the most nutritious yogurts and are appreciated by majority of consumers.

Some facts about Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt is prepared in somewhat similar pattern as a regular one. At first, the milk is heated and then cooled to the desired fermentation temperature, which is 106 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. After fermenting, bacteria grows, producing lactic acid and gets the milk protein to produce yogurt. This is also how regular yogurt is created. To make Greek yogurt, liquid whey and lactose are strained to leave behind a thicker-textured yogurt that is the Greek yogurt.

Top Greek yogurt brands
With time, the market is getting filled with so many varieties that it would make it difficult for you to choose the best Greek yogurt. It might confuse you to know which one is lower in fat and which one is filled with additional sugar and lactose. The main ingredient to look for is live active bacterial cultures and milk. The more ingredients it contains, the less healthy it is to consume. The following are some of the top brands of Greek yogurt:

Fage: It is an authentic Greek yogurt. No additional thickeners are added to make the yogurt look thicker as compared to the regular ones. It is made from straining, which is the best possible way to get the ideal Greek yogurts. In the straining process, most of the sugar and carbs are removed. It is a snack rich in protein and ideal for low-calorie lovers.

Wallaby: Wallaby is another top brand as it is ideal for a healthy diet. It is filled with bacterial cultures, which are essential to ferment the milk to produce yogurt. Moreover, they contain probiotics, which are necessary for a healthy gut.

Chobani: It is yet another good option among fat-free and plain Greek yogurt. The brand Chobani offers many flavored yogurts, but the nutritionists and the health specialists recommend to avoid such flavored ones as they negate the benefits one can get from protein. Also flavored yogurts have a high sugar content in them. Chobani has flip-cup yogurts, which are better to consume as the yogurt is kept separate from the toppings like nuts or chocolate. If you want flavor in your Greek yogurt, add berries or honey to make it naturally flavored, instead of artificial flavors.

Stonyfield: Stonyfield Greek Yogurt contains approximately 300 million live active bacterial cultures per gram, which are very healthy and fundamental for the digestive system. Stonyfield branded yogurts are said to be rich in probiotics.

Dannon Oikos: It is the brand of Greek yogurt, which has the least quantity of added ingredients. It does not contain artificial thickeners like corn starch or carrageenan that is most commonly present in flavored yogurts.