Popular Electrolux appliances in the market

Electrolux is a well-established name in the field of household appliances, and many dealers have tied up with it to sell the company’s exclusive products. The company has an extensive customer support policy and provides instant support, should the need arise. The customer first needs to register his Electrolux appliance on the website to stay in contact with the company. He can also look for the nearby service center where the personnel will inform him about the possibilities of repair or replacement. He can look up for the FAQs on the website to gain further information, and in case he is not satisfied, he can call up the support center.

Before buying an Electrolux appliance, it is essential to have a look at the warranty as well as the terms and conditions attached. If the product is not covered by the warranty provided by the company, then the customer can face problems in getting the damaged Electrolux appliance repaired and may have to pay an additional charge for the same. Firstly, the company undertakes efforts to ensure that the Electrolux appliances do not malfunction. Different Electrolux appliances come with different warranties such as kitchen appliances that can be repaired free of cost within one year of purchase or front load washers where the motor can be replaced any time within ten years.

You will find the following categories of Electrolux appliances in the market.

  • Kitchen The company sells cooktops, wall ovens, ranges, warmer drawers, microwaves, dishwashers, and refrigerators to enhance the functionality of the kitchen. The cooktops as well as ranges are available in induction, gasoline and electric format. Similarly, you can select from an extensive range of single and double wall ovens from the brand. The blenders in this section are absolute masterpieces and serve all forms of requirements.
  • Laundry This category includes washers, dryers and pedestal drawers. The 15-minute Fast Wash appliance is extremely powerful and works well in the lives of individuals who don’t have the time to wait. The trademark technology in Electrolux appliances known as SmartBoost makes cleaning efficient.
  • Homecare In the homecare section, you will Electrolux appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air cleaners, and water heaters. Canisters, cordless cleaners and uprights; you name it, they have it. This section also features belts, filters, maintenance packs, tools and other floor care accessories.
  • Filters and accessories If you wish to bring home a water or air filter, then look for products in this category. It also includes certain accessories to boost the appeal as well as usability of refrigerators, cooktops and dishwashers.

Certain Electrolux appliances that save electricity and fuel have been specifically marked as energy efficient. Also, an Editor’s Choice badge has been given to the best seller Electrolux appliances to assist customers in making an informed decision.