Top 8 manufacturers of religious items

When it comes to religious ceremonies, people are bound to use certain items during their prayers, regardless of which religion they follow. People might buy these products for personal use or gift them to their loved ones. Let us take a look at some of the best religious items manufacturers that you can purchase from.

Hy-Grade Metal Products Corp, New York
They offer customized manufacturing of religious items made from aluminum alloys, stainless steel alloys, hot and cold-rolled steel, silver, gold, titanium, brass, copper, and exotic metals, among others.

Religion Universe Import Export Inc., Florida
The company provides a grand selection of some of the best religious items like candles, religious statues, and incense sticks.

Kingdom Bizzness LLC, Texas
They create cards that spread the word of the Lord, which you can purchase for your loved ones. The cards are adorned with messages that will provide them with encouragement, support, and comfort during trying times.

LifeWay, Tennessee
Founded in the year 1891, LifeWay is a distributor of various religious items like flags, cards, and Bibles. It also offers Christian books and music.

Continental Candle Co., California
As the name suggests, the company specializes in producing candles of various types, such as candle lamps, pixie candles, 50-hour burn candles, citronella candles, scented candles, and many others. It also manufactures items like candelabra, candles in glass, and candle holders.

Empire Metal Polishing & Refinishing Corp., Illinois

The company manufactures many religious items like an altar and sanctuary bells, censers and boats, processional crucifix, missal stands, candle burners, candelabras, bobeches, ambries, credence tables, baptismal fonts, and accessories, such as holy water dispensers, hymn boards, sanctuary lamps, tabernacles, and so on.

Burnham & LaRoche Associates, Inc., Massachusetts
Founded in 1895, Burnham & LaRoche has since been manufacturing religious goods like logos and signs, sandblasted and etched glass, and protective covering.

Woerner Industries, Inc., New York
In the year 1936, Woerner Industries was founded in Rochester located in the state of New York. The company produces religious items commonly seen in churches and other religious sanctuaries like kneelers, altars and communion, credence and offertory, confessionals, pews, pulpits and lecturns, and hymn boards, among others.

Every company produces different types of religious goods. Churches or similar places buy these items in bulk. Individuals may purchase them in small numbers for their personal use. So, you can buy according to your needs from any of these companies.