What to expect from cell phone deals of Black Friday 2020

Many things might have changed this year, but nothing can hold back the mad rush that’s about to set in as Black Friday comes near. Although Black Friday falls on November 27, 2020, you can expect amazing cellphone deals online and offline in the preceding weeks. So, if you are planning to buy a new flagship cellphone at an affordable price, Black Friday is a perfect time. Keep reading to learn what cellphone deals you’ll likely see this year.

iPhone deals

Apple released its new iPhone 12 lineup in October, ensuring that you can get pretty good deals on the still powerful and capable iPhone 11 range and iPhone SE 2020. Some experts are anticipating the iPhone SE 2020 price to fall as low as $120, and the base model of iPhone 11 may sell starting from a price of $550. You might even get little discounts on the latest iPhone 12 models, and if not, Apple may at least offer gift cards at Apple stores.

Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel deals

Along with the iPhone deals, it’s highly likely that the most popular Black Friday deals this year could be on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series and Google Pixel smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy S30 lineup is expected to launch at the beginning of 2021, ensuring the possibility that the S20 series is offered at massive discounts. If you’re a fan of Google Pixel phones, we have great news for you. You can expect to see unlocked Pixel 4a cell phone selling for as low as $250, and even Pixel 5 models could be available with discounts of up to $200 during the Black Friday 2020 sale. And even though unlocked Pixel 3a and 4 smartphones have been discontinued, some retailers may offer them at incredible discounts to clear their inventory.

Deals from carriers

All major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile offer the best deals to customers who are switching carriers and selecting new unlimited plans. Last year, Verizon offered buy-one-get-one-free phone bundle deals on the fairly new iPhone XR during the Black Friday sales. So, you’ll probably get similar offers for iPhone 11 or other models. Even AT&T is likely to provide free cell phones and bundle offers. And since Sprint is now a part of T-mobile, it’s highly anticipated that people will see some of the greatest cell phone deals from the carrier.